The WorldHealer Concept Edit

Conciliatio Nostri was the first name we considered for this website, meaning - Bringing People Together For Good.

Another relevant idea was inspired by Desmond Tutu, who wrote about Ubuntu, an African philosophy which promotes 'I am, because we are'. If you have ubuntu, you have a positive attitude, and, in his words you "are open and available to others, affirming of others, you don't feel threatened that others are able and good and you have a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that you belong in a greater whole."

This community website - or wiki - will be a place for sharing this sort of idea: everyone can share their good ideas and their solutions. Above all the wiki will act as a resource for finding and publishing ways to improve our world. It will act in this way, its pages providing support and encouragement, because its editors all agree with the wiki's mission.

We know that there are many political, development and ecology wikis already, but they are specific and often have a specialist world-view. This wiki will avoid proscribing or describing the way to achieve global improvement, will avoid prioritising different needs as more or less important than others, and would promote instead the individual reader's ability to search for, find, apply and add to the methods for furthering good found here.

By the way, we are not trying to define what is good here - we can easily leave that to our users' consciences! We all have a pretty good idea of what's good and what's not after all - and if we've got a good motivation, we can work on better and best later on!

To begin the wiki, the first editors will draw on accounts of proven successes in the fields of Community and Neighbourhood, Creativity, Human Rights, Fair Trade, our Environment, Developing Nations, Health, Peace, Citizenship and Young People.

For example, one page under 'Environment' may give practical guidance on reducing your carbon dioxide footprint at home, and will grow over time with success stories, external and internal links, ideas for progressing to a new level of achievement, encouragement and so on.

We know this can work, because a trip to the bookshop shows there is a great demand for personal development, for developing into the best person we can be, and for finding ideas, support, collaboration and fulfilment in doing something useful. On these pages, we represent no particular group of people, and while we submit copy here, our only common link of significance to this wiki is our mission.

Have fun!

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