This is just one of the places where you can start using WorldHealer, and below we've listed a four-step approach to using the site.

  • Find an idea that's interesting
  • Give an idea a try - what do we learn about the issue by applying the information found here?
  • Improve an article, with information learnt by trying the ideas
  • Add a new idea

In terms of the development of WorldHealer as a website, there is also a broad strategy, published in a Central Wikia page. This guide to developing a wiki is the current model for developing content and use of WorldHealer.

The particular tasks that need attention soonest are:

  • Seek contributors from amongst a group that is both interested in the subject and also confident with the method for editing. Once this initial group of editors exists and the amount of content begins to grow, we can seek contribution from those who would like to edit but don't know how.
  • If the information on a wiki is interesting and unique, then readers will tell other like-minded people about it. An effective way to get the message out about your wiki is just to keep working on it, and making the articles better. That will raise the likelihood that search engines will put an extract from your wiki high on search lists.
  • Welcoming new people, mentoring new contributors and making sure they know how to participate productively, and encouraging communication on talk pages. Tutorials such as may help with some of that.

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