OK, less rubbish good, landfill sites bad. So, repeat after me: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

1. Reduce the amount of rubbish you create. Rethink how you shop to reduce packaging. Use tupperware rather than plastic bags or foil to wrap your food in. Use rechargeable batteries and reusable razors. Save money and buy in bulk (maybe by clubbing together with friends or neighbours?), or take back containers to be refilled where possible (Ecover detergents etc offer this service at many health food shops). Use washable nappies not disposable ones. Stop being sent junk mail by signing up to the Mail Preference Service Mail Preference Service. Plan your weekly meals properly to avoid food wastage... you get the idea.

2. Reuse things you would otherwise throw away where possible. Yoghurt pots and toilet roll inners are good for raising seedlings, old jumpers could make a cushion cover. And if you've got kids, bring out your inner Blue Peter!

3. Recycle. Think - can this be recycled? before you throw it away. Paper, cardboard, glass, plastic bags, plastic bottles and cartons, tins, compostable organic matter - all of these should not be going to landfill. If your council don't collect it, take it to your local tip or environment centre. Old clothes, books, furniture etc can be taken to a charity shop or clothes/book bank, sold on ebay or put on Freecycle.

There really shouldn't be much left to throw away after all that!