As a leisure, university, retail and wining/dining hotspot, central York in the UK is a massive producer of waste glass in bottle form. One member of staff in one popular bar is interested in getting a greater proportion of this waste recycled...

To get this mission underway, here are some initial ideas...

  • List the producers of glass waste in central York
  • Get the support of these venues' proprietors in pushing the mission forward
  • Calculate the total glass waste that all the venues create each week
  • Approach waste handlers, including the local council, for their ideas on how best to process this waste
  • Identify any obstacles to having the waste recycled
  • Install and maintain the best procedure for a waste recycling collective
  • Publicise the outcomes and method as widely as possible, so that other city centres can copy the idea
  • Congratulate ourselves on a job well done.

To add yourself to the list of glass waste producers in York, and to get on the mailing list for the project, click on the blue 'list' link above, choose the edit tab at the top of the new page, and type in your web address or contact details on a new line. Click the 'save page' button below, and you're done!

Another recycling resource is Freecycle, which receives unwanted goods that we might have thrown away, but which other Freecycle readers can claim and collect. Freecycle originated n the USA, but also now exists in many UK cities. The main site is Freecycle. This brilliant idea supplied by Gee, many thanks.

Make use of your local *skip hire company for house hold waste management and refuse disposal in an enviromental way.