Diesel Fuel Edit

It's easy to find out about fuel for diesel engines - you can search the web for masses of information about what you can put in to your diesel car to make it run smoothly. Some car owners think that biodiesel or vegetable oil are no good as environment friendly options though, because the oil has to be harvested from crops, which take up valuable rainforest space. Fair enough, but at the moment these options are the lesser of the fuel evils, so until someone comes up with a better idea, we could just use these fuels instead of the diesel supplied at petrol pumps anyway.

One recipe which doesn't seem to do any harm is half conventional diesel from the petrol and diesel supplier, to which you add the same amount of vegetable oil from the supermarket. Pour it straight in to your tank and off you go. Job done. Any opinions, reviews or issues on this subject right here...

Hydrogen Edit

Anybody who thinks hydrogen is a green alternative to fossil fuel must answer this simple question: Where does hydrogen come from?

Hydrogen simply moves the pollution from the point of consumption (the car) to the point of production (the power station). While this can be beneficial on the local scale, for example for reducing smog in cities, it does absolutely nothing on the global scale. And the global scale is where the big problems are (no pun).