If you want to devote your working life as well as your spare time to saving the world (!), here are some ideas to get you started:

  • All the major charities, and most minor ones, have websites with recruitment pages
  • If you want to work for the government, find the relevant department (eg Defra) or agency. Working your way around the pages will not be a waste of time as you'll be familiarising yourself with the ways the various groups and departments work together.
  • If you've not got anywhere with the bodies and companies that you're already aware of, start trying to find ones that you don't know. Use Google and to find organisations in your local area. Keep an eye on the local and national paper job advertisements even if you don't want to move just yet, as you may spot an ad you can keep for reference.

The following jobs websites are also useful:

Beware though that there is stiff competition for many of these jobs, and experience often counts for more than qualifications. If you don't have any, get volunteering! At the very least you'll meet like-minded people, you'll also get valuable experience and may even hear of an opening through word of mouth!