If you're about to go for the chop - stop! Your hair is precious, and someone else might appreciate it more than you do.

If you've got hair which is at least 10 inches long (or 25 centimetres), this is going to be really useful for someone who hasn't got their own! The two main reasons for the problem are chemotherapy following a diagnosis of cancer or the mystery disease Alopecia Aresta. There are two charities that we know of which collect your hair to pass on to sufferers, and they need...

  • 10 inches of hair length - if it's curly then pull it straight to measure.
  • Bundles in a ponytail or a braid
  • Clean, dry hair in a bag in a padded envelope.
  • Anyone's hair - it doesn't matter who you are.
  • Unbleached hair, which is damaged by the bleaching chemicals.
  • Hair which hasn't fallen on the floor, which noone wants to use!
  • Hair from some time ago, which has been kept in a braid or a pony-tail.
  • Other hair, which is too short, but which can be sorted and sold to pay for the charity's running costs.

If you have a hairpiece or a wig which you don't use, you can donate that too at the wigbank, which Agnes Lennox created, [1].

Otherwise, if your hair is your own to give away visit Locks of Love. [2]

Don't forget to let us know how you got on!

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